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04-Jun-2017 02:59

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I was in my early thirties and it gave me a thirst for bondage I didn’t know had. You can learn many aspects of it, not every one feels the need to suspend, most just want to learn some things to enhance the intimate relation between them and their mate/s.

You teach various aspects of BDSM, I imagine it’s very different from teaching in a school/college. I share an opinion with many of my fellow riggers that one should practice as many ties as possible on the ground before ever considering taking their rope bottom off the ground, for most people that’s about a year of practicing, taking classes and studying.

When I was around 8 or 9 years old I stumbled across my uncle’s Wicked Wanda comics, that’s when I realized that sex happened outside the traditional Husband/Daddy/Wife/Mommy ideal my very sheltered world wanted me to believe and it was really naughty.

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If someone is interested in learning about rope bondage, please get some education about rope bondage safety, some instructions for some basic ties (like a book, video, tutorial, classes for example) and learn a bit about basic anatomy so you don’t cut anyone’s circulation off, put to much pressure on a nerve area, bend a joint the wrong way or past your bottom’s ability to bend.

On the lifestyle side of things I’m a Domme, I pretty much had the masochist beat out me years ago, so I no longer feel that need to submit. Kink Education, yes I’m always learning new things.